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Monday, August 30, 2010

Pit Stop-Beyond Juice

Beyond Juice
So I missed my train from Birmingham, MI to Chicago by 4 minutes today.  After my initial freak out, I  decided to make the most of my personal disaster by checking out the local Birmingham nutritional businesses.  Birmingham is a charming little town outside of Detroit with lots of shops, boutiques and such.  I found a local farmer's market, a bistro that supports local purveyors who encourage a growing trend toward healthier and environmentally responsible living by practicing sustainable, all natural, and/or organic farming practices (deep breath) and a cool smoothie place called Beyond Juice.  I picked up a lovely Sunrise smoothie (Strawberries, banana, papaya nectar, orange juice, honey vanilla, an deionized ice).  In addition to this plethora of fruits, I added a Regulator (Psyllium, flax seed, licorice root, apple pectin, and vitamins) and a goji berry booster. Plus I made some friends:
Ashley, Tommy, and Alyssa
Ryan, Ronny and Tommy

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