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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Food for thought-The riddle of experience vs. memory

The riddle of experience vs. memory

This is an interesting theory.  Have you ever eaten a delicious meal only to have it ruined by the server taking forever to bring the check?  Puts a damper on the memory of the restaurant, doesn't it?  Food poisoning totally ruined my recollection of a delectable dinner in Mexico once, it ruined my memory of the entire vacation now that I think about it.  How would you feel if you slipped and fell on your way to the restroom at a fine dining establishment (or a dive for that matter)?  Let's just say hypothetically one were enjoying a succulent lamb chop smothered in mole sauce. While cutting the last savory bite, the huge steak knife provided to you by the restaurant, slipped.   Your chic white suit is now decorated in big, brown, unsightly splatters... Ouch!  I still miss that suit and hate that restaurant.  I remember the sad, hopeless eyes my dry cleaner gave me.  Lesson learned...live in the now.   Lesson # 2 protect your friends, clients and customers from bad memories and you protect yourself.

On the flip side, have you fancied a restaurant more than what it deserved because an outstanding matradee spoiled you?

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