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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Featured Farmer- Three Sisters Garden

Tracy and Cathe

Last Saturday I worked with farmers Tracy Vowell and Cathe Roybal at the Green City Market.  Not only were Tracy and Cathe great to work with, they were wonderful to learn from.  One of the curious items produced by Three Sisters Garden is hominy.  Hominy is used to make grits and cornmeal among other recipes and it's interesting how the maze is prepared for cooking.  The kernels are blanched in a water and lye mixture to remove the exterior coating.   This procedure exposes the inside of the kernel, which  in turn helps us to digest the nutrient rich grain.

I also learned that pea shoots are really healthy.  The shoots are packed with the vitamins and minerals the plant needs to grow and mature.  Add peas shoots to salads, sandwiches or smoothies.  I love finding new methods of making my morning smoothie more nutrient dense and these little sprouts fit the bill.   

In addition to hominy and pea shoots, we sold  squash, black beans, and huitlacoche, a corn fungus particularly prized in Mexican cuisine.  I brought home some pea shoots, and huitalacoche to play with.  Check back this week for recipes featuring these ingredients.

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