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Monday, September 27, 2010

Food for thought...

Does this bother anyone else besides me? I went to the grocery store today and left depressed. Since when are bananas so huge and green? Secondly, 75% of the bread, cereal, granola bars, cookies and frozen foods that I looked at, contained some sort of soy product. And lastly, I had SO many options for eggs, but not a single carton was born from a happy chicken. There were cage-free eggs, hormone-free eggs, and even organic eggs, but not a single hen from these farms gets to run around outside like a real bird. Almost everything is pasteurized, irradiated or sprayed with sulfur dioxide. What can we do to change this? Stop demanding it! These bananas are big and green because consumers want perfect, unbruised fruits that last forever, but the price we pay is much higher than what rings up at the cashier. What are we...bananas? 

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