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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's talk about PETA

PETA'S 30th Gala & Humanitarian Awards

Over the years, I've had mixed feelings about Peta.  The funny thing is, I share many of the same views as these extremists, yet I despise many of Peta's methods of raising awareness. Celebrities showing support for animal’s rights, is a positive approach to awaken consciousness in people that I can support. 

I do not believe we need to stop eating animals all together, but I DO think we should make a strong effort to buy meat from small, local farmers as much as possible.  Peta's disturbing, drastic measures like spray painting peoples coats, and posting bill boards with humans sectioned off for butchering, rubs me the wrong way.  

I am all for the ethical treatment of animals and the environment, but let's face it, I am an omnivore!  I like to eat meat, and in moderation it is good for my body.  I try to purchase all of my eggs and meat products from farmers I know personally.  In fact, any foodstuff I can buy directly from farmers or from farmer's markets I buy.  Sure, these products are expensive, but the price I pay helps support the ethical treatment of animals and my other friends...the fruits and vegetables.   

What are your thoughts on PETA? 


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