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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pit Stop-The Spice House

I made a lovey pit stop at The Spice House in Old Town Chicago today.  I was on the hunt for Grains of Paradise, and something new to play with.  I ended up with some white truffle oil, Japanese 7 spice, Grains of Paradise and drum roll...mahlab a.k.a. sour cherry pits.  These buggers are ground and used in Middle Eastern bake goods and pastries....interesting.   

Getting out of this store without sneezing is no small feat. There are actually Kleenex boxes strategically located throughout. Spices are sold pre-packaged and also by weight, think old fashioned.  Jars of spices line the walls and the friendly, knowledgeable staff assists in the choosing and weighing.  The Penzy family has owned and operated The Spice House since 1957, which lends the shop an intimate, old world, feeling.  Surprisingly, the prices are pretty friendly as well, spare the exotics. 

Come to The Spice House (or visit their online store) in search of hard-to-find spices, inspiration, recipes and great service.  While you are there,  say hi to my new friends:

Brandy, Eric and Joel

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