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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shout Out- Lakeview pantry

Chris and Andy    

Chris and Andy work for Lakeview Pantry.  They collect food donations from various sources including farmer's markets.   I met them at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park yesterday.  Yay for good Samaritans, and hooray for the farmers donating food!


  1. We appreciate the shout-out! Our volunteer pick-up drivers are the best (and very photogenic). This is our first summer working with Green City Market and it has been a great connection. Too often, fresh produce is too expensive for our clients and neighbors who often go without, so we appreciate being able to offer it in our pantry. Noting our 40th year, we serve our low-income neighbors in Lakeview through a variety of programs. We have two on-site distribution sites, a home-delivery program for our shut-in neighbors, plus a case management program. For more info, check out our website at www.lakeviewpantry.org.
    - Stuart Iseminger, Director of Programs and Operations

  2. Good people always get brownie points in my class! Keep up the good work, 40 years takes a lot of dedication.