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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Taste Nirvana Coco Aloe

I visited my favorite haunt today. How I love thee...my beloved French Market.

One of the many new treats I happened upon, at the Saigon Sisters kiosk are these three delicious bevy's: Taste Nirvana Coconut Water with pulp, without pulp and with aloe

The Coco Aloe flavor I found particularly lovely.

Finally a coconut water without added sugar, hooray! Finding a coconut drink with pulp, that does not contain added sugar upon it's label, has proved to be quite elusive in this part of the country. A staple in countries like Mexico, India, and Thailand it's perfectly delicious in it's natural state. Coconut water is also considered an isotonic drink, (think Gatorade processed and packaged by Mother Earth). A trip up to Devon Avenue in the summer yields street-side vendors, swinging machetes to lop the tops off of Thai coconuts.

A Happy Coconut Drinking Tourist

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