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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What is this Stuff? Kohlrabi and Turnips

Kohlrabi (L), Turnips (R)

When I first saw this pretty purple stuff, I was stumped as to what it was. Turns out it's just a different variety of kohlrabi.  Kohlrabi is root vegetable that kind of tastes like cabbage. The beet looking guys on the right are turnips.  They too taste a lot like cabbage. I have some extra cabbage left over from my borsch recipe, and if I pick up some carrots from tomorrow's market, I'll have the makings for some pretty exciting coleslaw. Or maybe I'll freeze the rest of my borsch and make creamed kohlrabi and turnip soup! What do you guys think? Any good recipe ideas out there? By the way, I found these lovely roots at the King's Hill Farm booth.   

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