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Monday, February 14, 2011

End the War...because it's so annoying

Meat Eaters vs. Vegetarians
All proteins are not created equal. Animal proteins are complete proteins, as they contain all of the essential amino acids the human body needs. Vegetable proteins are not complete. This does not mean than a vegetarian diet is insufficient, it merely means that vegetarians need to eat more than one plant source to obtain all essential amino acids. “Complementary proteins are two or more incomplete protein sources that together provide adequate amounts of all the essential amino acids”.(1) This can be accomplished by consuming legumes with grains, such as beans and rice, pea soup with whole grain bread, roti’s with dal, tortillas with refried beans, or simply a peanut butter sandwich made with whole grain bread.

We are omnivores...peace.

(1) Center of Disease Control and Prevention, Protein. http://www.cdc.gov/nutrition/everyone/basics/protein.html

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