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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sahakari Spice Farms, Goa India

Vanilla Plant
OMG this place is SO up my alley. Sahakari Spice Farms is located in Goa, India. The farm is a place that tourists can visit to learn about the different varieties of spices and their medicinal value. Visitors are given both theoretical as well as practical information about the different uses of spices both in normal diet as well as in the treatment of common diseases.

Macadamia Nuts
The land that the farm sits on has been developed using modern techniques in conjunction with the age-old concepts of mixed crop farming like the use of sprinklers for irrigation. These methods coupled with older water harvesting methods help in water conservation. Additionally, the grounds of the plantation are covered with Cashewnut trees, economically profitable fruit bearing trees and plants, spices, and medicinal herbs. Planting trees help prevent the erosion of the land and is also used a method of generating green foliage used in preparing compost. For their efforts, the Sahakari Spice Farm was nominated for the prestigious Annual DRV International Environmental award in 2005.

Later this month I will be traveling to Mumbai to research South Indian diet and cuisine. I will be sure to make a stop here and report back. I am very excited to see the spices in their vegetative state, and hope to discover some "new to me" produce. Check back around the beginning of May for photos.

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