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Sunday, May 1, 2011


and I don't mean this Mango.

I mean this mango.
As it turns out, not all mango's are created equally. The Alphonso mango, affectionately called "Alphonso's, Aphoos, or Hapoos" by Bombay and Goan natives is a yearly celebrated event. So prized (and expensive) are these succulent, perfumed fruits that locals have been known to go to great lengths like this

Crawford Market
to obtain the very best from their favorite purveyors year after year. The God's were smiling upon me one day during my brief trip to Crawford Market by putting me in the right place, at the right time. I gorged on what was undoubtedly the best piece of fruit that has ever graced my lips.

Do you dare eat at the dhaba?

I did, I dared. In route from the amazing city of Bombay (a.k.a. Mumbai) to the holy city of Nashik, I had the opportunity to taste the "real" India. Dhabas are roadside restaurants/truck stops. Perched upon a traditional chaarpai, I was treated to rustic Punjabi paneer tikka masala, traditional fire roasted, super spicy dal, and roti prepared like naan in a tandoor oven. Check out the crude tandoor ovens below:

Talk about a hot kitchen!