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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Seitan Fajitas

Seitan a.k.a. wheat gluten, is made by soaking wheat flour in water and rinsing the starchy portion of the wheat away while isolating the gluten. Gluten is the main protein of wheat. Seitan's origins are traced back to China, and it's frequently used in food prepared for Buddhist. Here is the recipe courtesy of the Wellness Chef, and my vegetarian cuisine instructor  Eric Stein:

1 cup wheat gluten flour
2 cups water
1tsp Coriander
1 tsp Cumin
Salt & Pepper tt

Mix together the wheat gluten and water. This can be done by hand with a thin wooden spoon, or in a Kitchenaid stand mixer with the dough hook attachment. Continue to mix until the dough forms a mass. Then at this point add the spices (the sky is the limit!) This is what it will look like:

Take the dough and wrap it tightly in plastic or foil, and place it into a steamer:

Cover and steam for at least 1 hour. The color will vary depending on what type of spices are incorporated.

  Once cool, slice thinly.

Than saute until golden brown.
Cut into fajita shaped strips and add your favorite toppings like peppers and onions for a delicious, protein filled vegan or vegetarian dish that even meat eaters will enjoy.

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